No one wants a task assigned to them on a holiday. Including us. That's why we allow you to set your holidays in Hive to let everyone know that you won't be available on those days.

To access this functionality, visit Workspace settings in your profile dropdown and scroll down to 'Project default settings'.

Click the checkmark to 'Enable holidays' and then choose 'Customize calendar' to add dates.

Once the holidays are added, those dates will be blocked in the Gantt calendar and Resourcing. They also will be color-coded in the action card date picker.

It's worth noting that users can still schedule an action on a holiday if they select it from the date picker. Essentially this would let them ‘override’ the holiday scheduler. Hence, you might want to make it extra clear that you won't be available that day and set the Out of Office status for yourself!

Note: Holidays may affect scheduling as they are considered non-working days. This could cause a shift in dates, especially if you are working in the Gantt chart. For example, if an action is due on December 31st and gets delayed one day, the new due date will be January 2nd (assuming Jan 1st is scheduled as a holiday).

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