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How to change the view, hide subactions, sync with Google calendar and more!

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Calendar is a great way to view your tasks, especially if you work based on deadlines. 

Hive calendar allows you to customize it to suit your needs.

Calendar View Range

For example, you can show your calendar in several ways based on your preference

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • 6 weeks

Weekend in Calendar View

You can also include weekends in your projects. To do so, you need to turn on Allow actions to be assigned on weekends in project settings.

Collapsed Actions in Calendar View

With too many actions, the calendar view can get pretty crowded. The Calendar View automatically collapses your actions but you can view more actions by:

  • Checking "Expand all cells" from the Filters

Syncing Hive Calendar View with External Calendar

Hive calendar also comes with one-way sync to Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. It shares your Hive actions onto these calendars. 

Note that if an action is scheduled for an entire day, it will show up as an all day action on the calendar. If instead an action has a due date and due time, it will schedule the action on a 30 minute increment, ending at the time the action is due.

In order to add a due time to an action, click 'Add Time' on the due date picker and select the time you wish the action to be due. 

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