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How do I set myself as away when I'm taking time off?
How do I set myself as away when I'm taking time off?

Alert your colleagues to your PTO with a few simple steps

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If you're going to be away from the virtual or physical office, a best practice is to update your status in Hive, so your colleagues know you'll be away.

Here's how you can do that:

Set your Status

  1. From your avatar menu, click into the status section at the top and choose the default "Out of the Office" option

  2. Select the date you return to the office (so if I'm returning on Monday, December 6th, I will select that date)

  3. Click 'Set out of office'

You will now be considered Out of Office until your Return Date selected in Step 2.

What happens when you are 'Out of Office'?

Your colleagues will see your status on your avatar in the chat panel:

When someone @mentions you in a comment, they will receive this notification:

When someone assigns you an action or requests your approval during your Out of Office time, they will also see this message:

Does the user status affect my availability in Resourcing?

No, the user status does not change your availability in Resourcing.

If you have the Resourcing App enabled in your team's plan, we suggest to add your Time Off in Resourcing as well as setting the Out of Office Status. By adding your Time Off in Resourcing, your availability is 100% booked, and you immediately will be over-allocated if there are other assignments during this time. People assigning you work during your Time Off, will also receive an 'Out of office conflict' notification.

Does Hive sync OOO status from Google or Outlook?

Yes, it does! Hive will automatically reflect OOO status in your account if you have it scheduled in your Google or Outlook calendar. Note: You'll need to have your calendar and email inbox synced with Hive to ensure this connection works. To check or enable this, visit Hive Apps -> and enable both Hive Mail and Hive Calendar.

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