Need to recover a deleted action card or project? We've got your back.

What can you restore?

  • Action cards deleted in the last 30 days

  • Subaction cards deleted in the last 30 days

  • Projects deleted in the last 30 days

How to restore:

  1. Navigate to your drop-down menu & select 'Trash bin'

  2. Select either 'Action card' or 'Projects' depending on your need

  3. Locate the item

  4. Click the restore icon

Restoring Subactions:

You also have the ability to restore subactions, in addition to parent actions. When you delete a subaction, they'll be sent into the "Actions" portion of the trash bin.

To bring a subaction out of the trash, simply click "Restore."

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8

Note: If you choose to recover a subaction, you'll recover the subaction and the child actions underneath.

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