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Link an action to multiple projects
Link an action to multiple projects

Collaborate more efficiently with linked actions

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If you've got an action that spans across multiple projects, you'll be able to link that single action to several projects with a few clicks. This is especially useful if the project you're working on requires help from multiple teams, or if an action you're tracking applies to multiple projects.

To turn on this feature, navigate to Apps and toggle on the 'Project linking' workspace app.

Once you turn on project linking, you will see the option to 'Link to projects' in every action card.

To link an action to another project, click '+' and choose which project(s) to link this card to from the project dropdown.

Once an action is linked, you will see it included in all of the projects it is linked to. Any changes made to the card (whether in the main project or in a linked project) will be reflected in all projects the action appears in. Linking does not duplicate the action in multiple projects, rather it provides a shortcut to the action card in each project it is linked to.

If you also wonder whether you can link subactions to more than one project, then the answer is yes! Subactions can be linked across multiple projects just like parent actions!


Q: If I link a card from a private project, will other users be able to see it?

A: Yes, users will be able to see cards linked from a project they are not a member of, given they are a member of the linked project. However, users will not be able to edit the action card if they are not a member of the main project.

Q: Help! I can't see the card in the linked project.

A: 1) Check the status of the action card. If the card is in a status that is not included in the linked project, the card will not show in any of the Kanban views. To remedy this, simply add the status to the linked project and the card will appear.

2) If your action card is a subaction, navigate to the project settings of your linked project and make sure the Kanban view field is set to "Show all subactions".

3) If your action card has Labels, navigate to the project settings of your linked project and ensure these Labels are included in the "Labels available in this project" field.

Q: What happens to the time I track on linked actions?

A: Any time tracked or resourced on a linked card will be applied to the main project.

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