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List View: A New Project View in Hive
List View: A New Project View in Hive
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This week we're launching List View, and it's not every day we launch a brand new project view.

With this new view, we're bringing the convenience of a list into your Hive projects - if you like My Actions View, this will be your new favorite.

Think: one expanded list of all actions in your project that can be customized, filtered, and edited to fit your workflow, preferences, and needs.


To access List View and test it out for yourself, just create a new tab with our swanky new tabs feature and select List View.

If you want this List View to be private, just slide the "Private view" toggle on the bottom of the dropdown.

By default, the list will be organized by status, but with a few clicks, you can configure the list view to group by:

  • Status

  • Phase

  • Priority Level

  • Project/subproject

  • Section

Bringing special attention to Sections. Think of sections as your guide to your most pressing actions now and in the future.

Create your custom sections and drag & drop your actions in there.

Please note: these are shared sections meaning everyone in the project will see them.

The columns to the right of each action are moveable - just click and drag one column to bring it closer or further away from the action card name.


Like Table View, List View columns with Status, Labels, etc, will all be editable directly from the column themselves. This will allow users to quickly alter or change small task items as needed without going into the action card itself.

Need to add more actions to your project? Quick-create a new action right from your List.

If you want to make your new List View the default project view, access the three "More" dots in the Tabs dropdown and select "Set as default view."

Bonus: our existing filter panel will work on List View as well.

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