What is Hive Automate?
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Hive Automate is a powerful new feature that allows you to take control over the specific integration and automation needs of your team within Hive. Business workflows across cloud and on-premise apps are established through the use of Actions and Triggers, into what we refer to as “Recipes”.

Recipes are automated workflows that can span multiple apps. Each recipe comprises a trigger and one or more actions that can be carried out when the trigger event is picked up.

Actions can occur outright, or be triggered by IF conditions, IF/ELSE conditions, Repeat Actions, be made callable by other recipes, and provide error handling. Using these different variables, we can create multi-step workflows utilizing as many different applications as are necessary.

For example: A new user being invited to your HR program can invite a User to Hive. Then, this can kick off an action template in Hive for the new team member’s onboarding, and then send a message to a Slack group notifying the team of our new team member!

As we build out these workflows, we will most likely want to carry data from one step to the next. For example, we want the email address of our new team member to be what is used to create the account in Hive. Using the Datatree and Datapills available in Hive Automate, setting this up in your recipe is a simple drag-and-drop process. We cover this more in depth in the article “How to Create A Recipe”.

Ready to start building your own recipes? Read on in our next article “Getting Started with Hive Automate”.

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