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Getting Started with Hive Automate
Getting Started with Hive Automate
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  1. To get started with Hive Automate, navigate to “Apps” in the left sidebar. Scroll down to find “Hive Automate”. Toggle this on!

  2. Once turned on, you should have an “Open” button next to the toggle. Let’s open it up!

  3. You will land on Hive Automate’s Home page. You’ll see a new sidebar here with Home, Dashboard, and Library. We’ll cover each of these.

  1. Home is where you will be able to find all of the recipes you’ve created, as well as all of the Connections to other applications that are saved. We’ll talk more about Connections in just a moment. If you aren’t sure what Recipes are, learn more in our first article “What is Hive Automate?”

  2. Dashboard is where you will be able to see data and activity related to your active recipes.

  3. Library is where we can search through all of the available applications we can connect with, as well as browse through recipes that have been created by other members of the community.

  1. Congratulations, you are connected to Hive Automate and ready to start using created Recipes or Custom Recipes. In the next article, learn how to create your first Recipe.

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