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Using a Recipe from the Hive Automate Library
Using a Recipe from the Hive Automate Library
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If you want to start automating your workspace and are looking for ideas and examples of existing recipes, the Hive Automate Library is the place to start! Our Integrations team is releasing new recipes to the community weekly for you to plug-and-play or customize to fit your exact needs!

With Hive Automate you can not only create Hive-to-app and app-to-Hive integrations, but also automate aspects of your workflow directly within Hive itself.

In this example, when an Action Card is marked complete in Hive, we’ll update the Due Date of the action card to the Completed Date, by using the date when it was modified to that status.

The example above, along with many others, is available in the Hive Automate Library for you to pull into your account, establish your connection, and start using right away! They can also be edited, if you want to take additional steps or further customizations in the recipe.

Access the Library

  1. Navigate to ‘Apps’ in the left-hand sidebar and scroll down to find Hive Automate.

  2. If this isn’t already toggled on, toggle it on. Otherwise, click Open

  3. A secondary sidebar will appear. Select ‘Library’ in the sidebar.

  1. We’re looking at a list of all of the available apps to connect! To see all the Hive Recipes, simply type Hive and click on the Hive App. You can also type a recipe name or more detail to find specific recipes.

    1. For example, you can type ‘Hive Forms’ to see all recipes related to Hive forms!

  1. Click on any of the recipes that you’d like to use to see more details about the recipe and the specific steps involved.

  1. Click the ‘Use This Recipe’ button up in the top right corner to copy this into your account.

  1. You’ll need to either put this recipe in a location folder or create a new folder, if none exist.

  1. Awesome! A few more steps and your recipe is up and running.

  1. Each recipe requires you to set a connection for the apps being used, so you’ll need to pass specific permissions before you can start the recipe in your workspace. You will see red boxes around any step that will not run until the connection is set. You can click on any of those red boxes to see the connection details

  1. All Hive connections require your API key, User ID, and Workspace ID. This article covers how to find your API keys in Hive. Enter your credentials and hit ‘Connect’. You will only need to do this once for each app that you use in your Hive Automate workspace. These recipes will honor the permissions you have in each app being used.

  2. Once you enter your permissions and see all red boxes disappear, you are ready! Hit the Save button in the top right, and then Exit the recipe editor.

  3. Click on the Start Recipe button up in the top right, and your recipe is now running in your workspace.

  4. If you’d like to customize the recipe further, read on!

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