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Setting up your Hive connection
Setting up your Hive connection
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Hive Automate requires you to set up a connection for each prebuilt connector that you want to use in a recipe. In order to allow a recipe to control objects in your Hive workspace, you need to configure a connection for your recipes to leverage.

In My Recipes you will see a Create button in the top right of your screen. You can click Create and select Connection to set one up for a specific app. Alternatively you might have been making a recipe and come across the following screen:

If you don’t have a connection setup you can get your API Key, User ID, and Workspace ID from the following location:

Go back to the main Hive app and click Edit Profile:

Then click API Info:

The API Key, User ID, and Workspace ID will be listed for your account. Copy those IDs into their fields back on the recipe (or connections page), and hit Connect. You will now see that in your recipes you can use the connection you just set up.

It will then ask you to select your connection for the selected app. Choose the connection you want to use and you can start building recipes with Hive.

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