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You'll never have to leave Hive to attend a meeting again, and your entire calendar will be easily accessible.

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With Hive's My Day functionality, you'll have access to your Google or Outlook calendar in Hive itself, to view and join your meetings directly from within Hive.

Opening My Day

When you click on the calendar button on the top right, your day's events will populate below.

Navigating My Day

To view upcoming meetings on future days, use the arrows to navigate through the calendar.

If you're viewing a day in the future and want to return to today's calendar, simply press "Today."

When you click into the meeting block, the meeting's Google Meet/Zoom window will automatically open.

Google Meet:


Dragging an Action Card to My Day

You'll be able to drag an action card from Kanban View to My Day to create a calendar event!

Q: How do I start using this feature?

A: To start using My Day, you'll need to connect your Hive Calendar. To connect with Hive Calendar, visit Hive Apps and toggle that option On.

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