Archiving a project

Easy way to hide projects you no longer work on

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If you're done with your project or just need to pause it, you might not want to delete it to still keep the work you've done. So what can be done about that? Fortunately, there's an option to archive a project with the ability to unarchive it as soon as you need it back.
To archive a project, you need to click More in the top right corner and then click Archive project. As simple as that. Please keep in mind that only Project Owners and Admins can archive projects.

You can also archive a project in Project Navigator. To do so, you need to click the Archive icon on the right.

If you try to archive a project that also has child projects, you'll get the prompt to archive those child projects as well. If you opt to archive both the parent project and all child projects, it will archive the parent's child projects from all levels.

Organizing Archived Projects

If you need to keep your archived projects organized, you can create an archived project and store any child projects in the archived project.

Un-archiving a project

Should you need access to an archived project, you can unarchive it by going to the Archived Projects tab in Project Navigator and clicking the Unarchive button next to the project you need to get back. Please note that only Project Owners and Admins can unarchive projects just as it is when it comes to archiving.

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