When planning a project, it's common to know the type of resource that will be working on the project but not know just yet the specific person who will be assigned to the tasks. 

We don't want this to stop you from planning your project and having a full understanding of the resources you need to accomplish the work.

Enter placeholders. 

Now placeholder resources from Hive Resourcing can live on projects, be assigned to tasks, and receive allocated time estimates.

Actions assigned to a placeholder that have a due date and time estimate will then appear in resourcing, so you can see a total of how much time you'll need that resource for, making it easy to find the perfect resource for your project. 

How it works:

Step 1: Create placeholder resources in Hive Resourcing 

Follow the steps here to create placeholders.

Step 2: Edit your project to add the placeholders you need

From Project Navigator, hover over the project and click the pencil icon to Edit. Select the placeholders you need from the 'Placeholders' section of the edit project modal*. Click 'Apply' then 'Done' to save your changes.

*Note: you must have at least one other project member in your project, in order to add placeholders!

Step 3: Create your actions

Like you would for any action, give your action a title and add any detail you'd like. For the task to show in resourcing, be sure to add a due date and time estimate.

Step 4: Assign a placeholder to the actions

The most important step is to assign a placeholder to the action. Simply open up the action card and click on the assignee dropdown. Click "Use placeholders" and select the appropriate placeholder for the task.

Step 5: See your placeholder action estimates in resourcing

Witihin resourcing, you'll see estimated time allocations for each placeholder resource to quickly find available resources for your project and get your project staffed.

Step 6: Assign your resources to placeholder actions

Once you've finalized the staffing of your project and allocated resources to your project, assignment is just a click away! First, make sure your resources have been added to your project. Then, go into an action in your project and change the assignee of the action to the staffed resource. You will be prompted to reassign all tasks that have the same placeholder.

And you're done! Your project is staffed and actions are assigned. You're ready to get working!

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