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Introducing: HiveMind
Introducing: HiveMind

An AI-powered super-boost to your project planning, content writing and everyday email correspondence

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Our new launch, HiveMind, plans projects for you in seconds. How? By bringing the power of AI to your projects - aka an artificial intelligence model that performs a variety of natural language tasks based on in-depth data from best practices in project management and most successful Hive projects over the years.

HiveMind is fully integrated into Action Cards, Hive Mail and Notes and all you need to do to harness HiveMind’s power is click on our HiveMind Assist lightbulb. When you click on that lightbulb, Hive will automatically complete a variety of tasks for you, including:

Creating project tasks based on your suggestion

In our first example, we’ll show you how HiveMind can automatically kick a project or task off for you by suggesting a list of steps and tasks.

First, create an action card and use a descriptive title for your task - or use an existing task on your list. You'll see the HiveMind purple lightbulb icon appear next to the title: go ahead and click this to kick-off the HiveMind process.

From there, you can either ask HiveMind to suggest next steps for this task or project, write content, or generate a custom request.

Once you’ve clicked “Suggest steps,” HiveMind will generate the best next steps you can take to complete this action or project.

If you’re satisfied with HiveMind’s answer, you can elect to either add these steps as subactions, add to the action card’s description, or ask it to try again. If you click “Try again,” HiveMind will generate completely new content for you. Clicking “Discard” will remove HiveMind’s suggestions entirely.

Once the subactions have been added to your task, you’ll be able to edit, assign, or rename them to best fit your workflow.

Additionally, HiveMind can also:

  • Write content

  • Fulfill a custom request

  • Create an AI generated image or logo

For the content portion, HiveMind will write relevant content about the topic you’ve listed in the action card description (think blog post, presentation overview, press release, etc). This content can be added to your action card description.

For the HiveMind custom request, you can ask HiveMind to do something a bit more specific that is also related to, but not the exact, action title. For example, “Write me a meeting agenda introduction.” HiveMind will generate something like the below:

Another great part of HiveMind? It can create images for you based on a prompt you provide. To generate an AI image, which you can use for anything across your website, materials, decks, and more, just click "Insert image," which is underneath HiveMind Assist.

Once you select the image option, you can give HiveMind a prompt, similar to all other aspects of HiveMind, and it will create an image based on that prompt. For example, I've asked HiveMind to create an image of a bee.

Here's what it made:

This allows all users to not only create written copy and text in notes, but also royalty-free images to be used in dozens of ways.

Crafting a response to an email you’ve received

HiveMind can also use its AI power to automatically generate email replies to notes that you’ve received. To bring your emails into Hive, you’ll first need to enable Hive Mail, which you can do here.

Once you’ve hooked up your Hive Mail account, select the email you’d like to reply to, and click the “Reply” button. You’ll see the purple HiveMind assist icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Once you’ve clicked on that button, an email reply suggestion will automatically populate in your email reply draft.

From there, you’ll be able to:

  • Edit the email

  • Ask HiveMind to try again and generate a new email

  • Discard the HiveMind drafted email

  • Send the HiveMind email

Writing content and copy for you

Additionally, HiveMind can also create a range of content types for you with a few clicks. To utilize HiveMind’s content functionalities, open a Note, and click on the “+” in the body of the text.

From there, you can select “HiveMind Assist:”

After selecting HiveMind, simply ask it to create the content you want. For example, “Write a blog post about product marketing.” Clicking generate will bring the content to life.

Once you’ve got your content, you can either ask HiveMind to “Try Again,” opt to keep the content, or discard the prompt altogether.

Need some more ideas for getting started with HiveMind?

HiveMind can also:

  • Provide facts, statistics and new ideas for brainstorms

  • Come up with a new name for your product or company

  • Write any type of content you can imagine: a business proposal, press release, sales email, job description, meeting agenda or a speech for an event, and more

  • Spellcheck, translate and summarize your documents

  • Design unique images and logos

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