1. Only project members can view this project

  2. Anyone can view this project

What happens when anyone can view a project?

When a project is viewable to everyone, the project becomes public and is visible in project navigator to all members of the workspace and shows as 'Public.' Actions in public projects will be visible in summary views for non-project members, making it easy for managers to see all work of their direct reports without having to be in all of the same projects.

All users in the workspace have the ability to open the project, see and edit actions and interact with the project.

What can non-project members do in a public project?

  • Click into the project and see the project in different layouts

  • Click into actions and view / edit actions

  • Comment on actions

  • Follow public project actions and receive notifications on them

  • Drag an action from a public project into a chat groupĀ 

  • Select public projects in summary view creation modal

What can't non-project members do in a public project?

  • Be assigned actions or subactions (non-members will not appear in the assignee picker or in team view)

  • Edit project members

  • Edit project settings

  • View the associated project chat group

Setting a project to public:

  • The project owner has ability to make a project pubic via the project member modal found in 'Edit project' next to project members.

  • Expand the permissions settings at the bottom, and click the checkbox to make the project public.

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