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Save Your Table View with Presets
Save Your Table View with Presets

Using Preset, you'll be able to save the layout in Table View, exactly how you want it

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With Hive's Preset functionality, you'll be able to save and quickly return to the columns that you saved - no more recreating views each time you load the project.

Locating the Presets

You'll be able to locate the Preset feature in the Table View layout by click 'Presets' at the top of the table:

Creating a Preset

Once you click "+ Create preset", give the Preset a title, then the columns that you see will be saved.

Using Preset

Watch a quick video on how to use the Preset!

Renaming a Preset

You can rename the Preset by clicking on the pencil icon!

*Note - This will only rename the Preset and won't override the new layout.

FAQ on Presets:

Q) What will be saved in Preset?

A) Preset will save the current Table View configuration (Columns shown, Column Order, Column Size, and any Filters).

Q) How do I know if I'm viewing the Preset or need to create a new Preset?

A) If the layout that you have no longer matches the Preset, the checkmark will disappear.

Q) Who has access to the Presets?

A) The presets will be saved in the project and will be available for anyone who has access to that project, so you can ensure your team sees exactly what you see.

Q) Will the Preset be available if I created one in a project template?

A) If a template has a preset, it should also be available in a project that was created from a template.

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