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Data Visualization in Table View

Get a quick snapshot of project status or action distribution using the chart builder option in table view

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The 'Create chart' option will allow you to create a graph of information from actions in a project or summary view. In order to get started, navigate to Table View and click 'Create chart'. Then choose which graph type you would like to create, and which attributes you would like to display.
​Note: Included actions depend on the filters you have set up.

Once you choose an attribute to group by, your chart will be created!

Click the '+' to add an additional grouping.

If you would like to save this chart, click 'Save chart' in the top right corner. If you do not save your chart, your work will be lost once you exit the chart builder. Saving this chart also shares it with other users who have access to this project or summary view.

Click 'Create chart' once again in order to exit. If you have saved your work, clicking back into the chart builder will automatically open the chart you have saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I share a chart with another user?

A: If you click 'Save chart' the chart will be saved to the project or summary view. Anyone who has access can view the chart that you have created! Only one chart can be saved to a project at a time.

Q: Which project layouts have access to chart builder?

A: You can only access chart builder in Table View

Q: Can I change the colors?

A: Not yet! We are open to feedback so please let us know what we should consider next by leaving us feedback here.

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