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How to Automate a Goal
How to Automate a Goal
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With Hive's new Goals feature, not only can you create Goals that update based on Hive activities, but you can also hook up your existing business tools to directly update your Goal progress in Hive. Here are a few use cases we're excited about that are now possible with Hive Automate + Goals:

If your Goal is Driven by Revenue

We can connect to your CRM, like Salesforce or Hubspot, or your billing platform, to allow you to automatically update your Goal's current value for metrics like:

  • $ Target for ARR in Q1

  • $ Target for Pipeline created

  • $ Target for Closed Won Business in a specific month or quarter

  • % of monthly churn in your customer base

If your Goal is Driven by Lead Volume

Similarly, we can connect to Hubspot or many other Marketing Automation tools to gather the current number of leads, or leads created over a given period. Measure Goals like:

  • Total Leads Created This Month

  • Leads Converted This Quarter

If your Goal is Driven by Customer Sentiment

Measure and track your NPS, or other customer survey scores by connecting them directly into your Goals. If you're customer-centric, this is a must! Goals like:

  • Overall NPS this Year

  • NPS in a Given Quarter

πŸ’ͺ We're just getting started - let us know which tools power your Goals, and we'll work to add support for it.

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