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Our brand new Tabs will allow you to view your projects exactly how you want.

Built to make it easy to find the info you are looking for, Tabs combines Hive's project views with customizable filters and a simple bookmarking system to give you the flexibility and control you need to track your projects from start to finish.

Creating a new Tab

To use Tabs, open a project in your workspace. You will notice a few changes to the top navigation bar.

The current project view (in this case, Status View), will be the one you used most recently. To create a new tab with an additional view, click the "+" icon.

A "Project views" menu with descriptions of each view will populate. Select a project view and whether you would like it to be private or not. A new Tab of the current project with the selected view will appear.

Read about Hive's project views here

Customizing a Tab

In order to customize each individual tab, click on the tab you'd like to customize and a menu represented by 3 dots will appear next to the title of the tab. From this menu you have a few options.

  1. Set as default view

    1. Makes the selected tab the default view you will see when you enter the project. Only Project Owners and Admins can change the default view.

  2. Make private

    1. Makes the tab you created private only to you.

  3. Rename

    1. Allows for the tab to be renamed.

  4. Move left

    1. Moves the tab left one space in the tabs order.

  5. Move right

    1. Moves the tab right one space in the tabs order.

  6. Delete

    1. Deletes the tab.

Private Tabs

Private tabs will be clearly marked with an icon of an eye with a cross through it.

When a tab is set to private, only the creator of the tab will be able to see it in the tabs list.

Saving Custom Filters

In each tab, you will have filtering options that are determined by the selected view. Under the "Configure" button in the top right, make the customizations that you would like. Once a setting is changed in this menu, a new option to save your filter settings will appear.

  1. Save filter to current view

    1. Clicking this option will save the current filter settings to the tab you are currently viewing

  2. Save filter to new view

    1. Clicking this option will create a new tab with the saved filter settings

  3. Discard filter changes

    1. Clicking this option will reset the filter settings to the last saved state


  1. What will happen to previously created projects?

    1. Any projects you have saved in your workspace prior to the launch of Tabs will stay exactly how they are. You can now add additional tabs for easy switching between views and saved filter settings.

  2. How many tabs can I have in each project?

    1. There is no limit to the amount of tabs you can have per project.

  3. When I create a new tab, or new custom filters, will they affect all of my projects?

    1. No. Any tabs or the respective filter settings are specific to the project where they are created. Other projects will not be affected.

  4. Who can see the private tabs I have created?

    1. Only the creator of the private tab can see it.


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