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Share read-only project link

Keep clients and stakeholders updated on project plans

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When working with clients and stakeholders outside of Hive, you may want to share project plans so others can easily follow along and keep track of timelines.

As a project owner, you can create a public, shareable link for others to view your project. Anyone with the link will be able to access a read-only version of your project's Gantt, Status, Label, Team, or Calendar View.

To create this public link:

  1. Go to Gantt, Status, Label, Team, or Calendar View.

  2. In the "More" menu, select "Share public link"

  3. Toggle on "Public sharing enabled"

  4. Click "Copy link to share"

  5. Choose which view to publicly share

  6. Now you can paste the link (e.g., in an email) and send it to others to share your project plan

*When public sharing is enabled you will see a message bar across the top of the project window.

To remove access to your project:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above

  2. Toggle off "Public sharing enabled"

*Doing so will mean any previously generated links will no longer be usable. The next time you turn on public sharing for this project, a new link will be generated.

NOTE: Is the link greyed out for you?

This means that you are not the project owner. Currently, this public share link is limited to only allowing the project owner to generate this link, but we'd love to hear feedback about how we can expand this functionality!

Interested to give us your input? Check out how to leave product feedback for us here.


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