Posting a Comment

To add a new comment, simply type your message in the “New comment” bar towards the bottom of the action card and click “Post” (or press “Command+ Enter”).

@ Mention Specific Teammates

You can address your comment to a specific teammate by @ mentioning them within the comment. Start by typing the "@" symbol immediately followed by the first few characters of their name, to select them. They will receive a notification once the comment has been posted.

@ Mention Action Card Followers

By typing "@action", a direct notification will be sent to all followers of the action card, without you have to individually tag them.

@ Mention All Project Members

By typing "@project", a direct notification will be sent to all project members.

Attaching Files

If you need to include a file in your comment, you can easily add an attachment by clicking the paperclip icon. Attachments that are added with comments will also be uploaded to the attachments section of the action card.

Editing or Deleting Comments

If you want to edit one of your comments, just hover over the comment, click the pencil icon, and make the appropriate changes. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes.”

To delete one of your comments, hover over it and click on the trash can icon.

Only the comment writer may delete or edit comments.

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