Create a Jira issue from Hive

Easily create a new Jira issue from a Hive action card

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To easily collaborate with teams working in Jira, you can create tickets within Hive for your workflow, then have them worked on in Jira.

Once you have set up Jira for your workspace, here's how to create an issue in Jira from a Hive action.

1. Open an action card
2. Click the Jira icon
3. Select "Create a new issue"

4. Select the Jira project where you'd like to create a new issue. The list of projects available is based on your permissions within Jira.

5. Select the issue type you'd like to create. The issue types available are based on the issue types within the selected Jira project.

6. Click "Confirm" and your issue will be created in your Jira backlog! You can access the Jira issue directly from Hive.
To remove the link between a Hive action and Jira issue, click the "X" on the Jira issue in the Hive card:

Removing the Jira link from Hive will not delete the Jira issue. However, deleting the action card in Hive will delete the Jira issue. Similarly, deleting the Jira issue will delete the action card in Hive.
On the action card, the status will be automatically pulled in from Jira. Since statuses between Hive and Jira may not be the same, the card will not move between statuses. Instead, once the issue is done in Jira, the card will automatically be moved to "Completed" in Hive.
The following shows what information will be mirrored between Hive and Jira:

Already have a Jira issue related to your action? Check out how to "Link Jira issues to action cards".

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