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Hive News

Post and share company news, knowledges, and updates

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With the Hive home page, you can share important news, knowledge, and resources on your team. It's a great way to share important items across your team that you don't want to get lost in a chat group.

On the news page, you can:

  • Post updates to everyone in your workspace that can include text, videos, pictures, links, and file attachments

  • Comment on posts made by other people on your team

  • Post links to resources that your team can access anytime

To enable Hive News:

  1. Go to the "Hive Apps" page

  2. It should open the apps dashboard. Hive News sits under workspace apps.

  3. To add it, simply click the slide button.

**Note: Only your workspace admin can enable/disable workspace features. Please contact them to have them toggle these features.**

You can also pin the app for easy access from the Navigation panel.

To create a post: 

  1. Go to the News page. Click "New post" 

  2. Enter the desired content 

  3.  Post it!

  4. Everyone in the workspace will receive a notification letting them know they can check it out

To create a link:

  1. Click the "+ Add new link"

  2. Type text to display

  3. Paste URL

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Your link is now added to your news page!

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