With Hive Mail, you can access your inbox, send new messages, and organize email follow-ups, all without ever leaving Hive.

Check out our Hive Mail tutorial video here.

How do I enable Hive Mail?

Go to Apps on the left hand nav bar, and scroll to My Apps. Hive Mail is an available app listed here. Toggle it on, and sign in to your email account, authorize the connection, and you'll be all set!

What can I do with Hive Mail?

Easily create follow up actions

Never miss a follow up again! You can easily turn your email into an action card in Hive. Actions you create from an email will be private and assigned to you by default, and the email thread will live in the action card.

To create an action from an email, click into the email from your Hive Mail inbox, then click the checkmark icon above the message. You’ll then be able to access it from My Actions.

Link emails to existing actions

Receive an email that’s relevant to something you’re already working on? You can link emails to existing actions as well! To do so, click into the email from your Hive Mail inbox, then click the link icon above the message. This will embed the email thread into your action card.

Reply or forward messages right from your action cards

No need to hop from action card to inbox. With Hive Mail, you can reply, reply all, or forward messages right from the action card. Circling back has never been easier.

Send a new email from within an action card

Click the Compose button to begin a new email chain that will live in the action card.

Maintain visibility

Email threads linked to action cards are dynamic, so they will update with any additional replies that are sent or received. Anyone who has access to the action card will be able to view and reply to the linked messages, ensuring that everyone stays up to date with the latest.

Can I view my inbox's folder in Hive Mail?

You can! Click the down arrow next to My Inbox to browse your folders.

How do I create my signature in Hive Mail?

Go to your profile settings, and go to the Mail preferences tab.

Which email providers are supported?

Currently, Hive Mail is supported with Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook 365).


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