Every team is unique and has its own tools, workflow, and goals. 

That's why we've created Hive apps. It's one place where teams can go to manage their integrations and features to customize Hive.

Access Hive apps

To open Hive apps, click on "Apps" on the left-hand panel

Using Hive apps

This is the Hive apps dashboard:

It includes two categories of apps:

My apps: Any integrations or features that you can access and use at an individual level. 

  • This includes all file storage integrations, video conferencing, and Zapier

Workspace apps: Any integrations or features that you can turn on and off for everyone in your workspace. Please note, only admins can turn on workspace apps.

Apps that are greyed out have not been added to your workspace.

Apps that have the logo in color have been added.

Each app has the hyperlinked "more" to direct you to a help center article that explains how it works.

To add an app, simply click the slide button. If the app is an integration with another service, you may need to enter login credentials. 

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