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Express exactly how you feel. Personalize your workspace with custom emojis.

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What you say is important. Emojis included. So if you can't find the right emoji to express what you want to say, Hive let's you upload a custom one.

 First you have to turn on the custom emojis app in your Hive workspace. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and select Hive Apps*

  2. Scroll down to workspace settings and turn on Custom Emojis

*Only workspace admins can update workspace settings

Then you find an emoji you like and copy the link.

To add the emoji:

  1.  Go to the Main Menu and go to Your Workspace

  2. Select Add Custom Emoji from the workspace settings menu

  3. Enter the name of your emoji, short name, keywords, and the link to the URL

  4. And select Upload Emoji and press create

Now it's time to use it! Go to messaging panel and add an emoji. At the top of the panel you will see a star, which will take you right to your custom emojis.

Then you start adding emojis now with the perfect way to express what you want to say.

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