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Auto-generate Project IDs
Auto-generate Project IDs

Generate a unique, 5 digit code for your projects

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After hearing some great customer feedback, we've added a new Project ID feature.

Project IDs allow you to keep a robust record of all your projects in Hive. Unlike project names, project IDs will never change and can be used to reference Hive projects in other locations such as a shared drive.

Enable Project IDs

To enable project IDs, go to Your profile dropdown > Your workspace > Settings. Here, you will see the option to 'Enable project IDs'

Note: Only admins will be able to turn on this setting

Depending on the size of your workspace and how many projects are currently in flight, it may take a few minutes to load your project IDs. You will receive a notification when the project IDs have finished loading and will be prompted to refresh your page.

Where can I find them?

Upon refresh, you will see your project IDs in Project Navigator, Project Home, and as an available column in portfolio view. Project IDs will also be searchable in the main workspace search field.


Q: Can I customize my project IDs?

A: At the moment, you cannot customize the logic or change project IDs.

Q: What happens if IDs are turned off? Will projects have the same ID when the setting is turned on again?

A: Yes - project IDs are permanent. Even if the setting is turned off and then back on again, the project IDs will not change.

Feedback on this feature? Share your thoughts on our feedback page.

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