Applying a project template to a new or existing project allows you to easily bring in a set of actions with pre-specified assignees, due dates and information. No need to recreate the wheel each time you kick off the same workflow. Let templates do the work for you!

How to create a new template

  1. Navigate to the 'Templates' tab on Project Navigator

  2. Select '+ New Project Template'

  3. Build the template like you would a project (name, dates, labels, description, attachments phases)

    1. Pro-tip: Add a project template due date in both your template and new project so that the action start and end dates transfer over to the new project. For best results, the template due date should be the due date of the last action in your template.

  4. Select who you'd like to share the template with 

  5. Select the default layout for the template

  6. Select 'Create Template'

  7. See the template in the 'Templates' tab

  8. Build out the template as you would a project (you can add actions and subactions and include start and due dates, assignees, labels, etc.)

How to apply a template to a new project

  1. Find the desired template in the 'Templates' tab

  2. Hover over the template and select 'Apply'

  3. Name the project 

  4. Select start and end dates of the project, if desired (this will map template actions that have start and due dates to the new project)

  5. Update project settings, as desired (Make sure to select to copy assignees of actions if you would like template assignees to carry over in the new project)

  6. Select 'Apply template'

  7. See the new project in the 'Active Projects' tab in Project Navigator

Project phases, actions and subactions (and associated assignees, start and due dates and labels) from the template will be visible in the new project and can then be edited and updated for the needs of the new project.

Pro-tip: Set a project due date in both your template and new project so that the action start and end dates shift over to the new project.

How to apply a template to an existing project

  1. Go to the more menu within the project

  2. Select 'Apply project template'

  3. Choose a template from the list (this list pulls from Active Projects and Templates in project navigator, so you have the option to choose from either list)

  4. Apply project template and see your actions populate!

How to convert an existing project to a template 

If you have existing projects that you want to use as templates, you can easily convert them into a template and move them to the 'Templates' tab.

  1. Open your project

  2. Go to the more menu within your project

  3. Select 'Save as template'

  4. Confirm the action by selecting 'Save as template'

The template will now be visible on the template stab in project navigator.

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