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Navigate between all of your active and archived projects

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Project Navigator makes it easy to view, edit, and access all of the projects you're working on. 

Accessing Project Navigator

To access the Project Navigator, click the 'Project Navigator' page from the left panel of the app. 

Using Project Navigator

It will open a panel that shows a list of all the projects you have been added to in Hive. If you're looking for a particular project, you can search for it using the search bar.

If you want to see which projects you're a member of, you should go to My Projects tab.

You can see certain project information at a glance and control which columns (like the name of each project, the team members involved, the status, start and end dates, budget and project custom fields) are displayed for each project. Use the 'Manage columns' button on the right-hand side of Project Navigator to control these columns. You can also sort the columns to make it easier for you to navigate through your projects.

If you need to filter your projects by a project custom field value, this is something you can do as well. You need to hover over a custom field column and click the Filter icon. Set your value and you'll get a list of matching projects.

When you hover over a specific project, four options appear on the right (Tip: you may have to scroll over if you have many project custom fields!)

  • Edit - Change the settings of your project

  • Copy - Create another project with all the same tasks and layout with all dates removed

  • Archive - Remove project from action panel while still maintaining the data in the "Archived" section of Project Navigator

  • Delete - Remove the project and all its tasks from the workspace (Can be recovered from the Trash bin during 30 days).

In addition to your Active Projects and My Projects, you can also access your Archived Projects, Summary Views, and Templates from Project Navigator.

Pinning projects

If you are working in certain projects or summary views frequently, you can pin those to the left-hand bar.  By doing so, you'll be able to easily access those projects from anywhere within Hive.

To pin a project, simply click the pushpin icon to the left of the project name. Click it again if you'd like to remove it from the favorites section. 

More Menu

If you want to drill into a project without navigating away from whatever view you are on, you can use the More Menu. It allows you to open a project in a new tab or unpin the project from your left sidebar.

To access it, simply hover over the desired app, right click on the three dots icon near the project, and choose the needed option. Voila! A separate tab in your browser will populate with the designated app/project.

For desktop users, simply open a new browser window to route to the desired app or project.

Exporting Project Navigator

In case you need to report on all your projects (archived and active), you can export Project Navigator in CSV with all associated columns.

To export Project Navigator, select the "Export" button at the top right corner of your screen. All column information including project name, its members, status, start/due date, budget, and project custom fields will be included in the export.

You can manage the columns you wish to view in the export in the "Manage columns" dropdown next to the Export option.

To export archived projects, navigate to the Archived Projects tab and export the view.

Leaving Project Navigator

If you click one of the projects, it closes Project Navigator and opens up directly to the project.


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