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Project member permissions
Project member permissions

How to use Full Access and Read-only project member permissions

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With project member permissions, you can collaborate with ease by customizing which project members are able to edit your project.

There are two levels: "Full access" and "Read-only"

  • Full access members may view and edit every action in the project.

  • Read-only members may view, comment on action cards, and be assigned to them.

    Please note that read-only members cannot:

  • Change the action card assignee. While they can be assigned to the action card, they cannot reassign it, another full-access user would need to do this for them.

  • Change any information in the action card. They will not be able to delete an action, add an action, or update any details on the cards. However, feel free to use comments!

Read-only members will see an orange bar at the top of the project that lets them know they aren't able to edit.

As a Read-Only user, your assigned action cards will show up in the My Actions view!

Access Project Members

To access permissions, click on the members avatars at the top of the project bar to open up the project members modal:

Here you'll find a list of all project members, with their permission level on the right.

Invite more project members or teams

To invite new project members or teams from the permissions modal, start typing their name into the field at the top, then select from the dropdown.


To edit or add placeholders for this project, go back to Edit Project modal, from the "More" menu on the right-hand side of the project screen, and scroll down to the placeholders section.

Advanced Permissions settings

Expand "Permissions Settings" to give the project owner control over inviting members and editing permissions.

You can also make this a public project . This means that members in your workspace not invited to this project will have full access.

User's Workspace and Project Access

In the workspace, there are three levels: Admins, Members, and External Users.

To check your user's project access, navigate to settings by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of Hive, and going to 'Workspace settings'. The 'Manage users' tab allows you to see the number of projects each of your team members is part of.
And the best part? With just a simple click, you can access the full list of projects they're involved in.

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