Each project's home page gives you and your team one place to track key project information. The home page is perfect for housing top-line project information and giving you a single destination to get a quick pulse on how the project is moving. See below for the many features the home page has to offer!

Amend and view project members

Easily access and update project members and see the project owner.

Update and track project status

Add a new status update to share the latest on the project. Select from three color-coded statuses to visually show the RAG status:

  1. On-track
  2. Off-track
  3. At risk 

Project status houses status update history, so you can always see previous updates. Consult history to see how the project has been moving.

Use project custom fields to track specific types of information

Have a specific project categorization you want to document? Add a text or dropdown custom field to your home page. Custom fields are great for documenting project type, tier, or priority level. Project custom field inputs can be edited directly on the home page or from project navigator. 

Add a description and upload relevant folder and file attachments

Give clear direction to your team on the purpose of the project along with any key documents relevant to the project.

Get a pulse of where the project is at

Check in with the project completion dashboard to see how actions in the project are moving. The dashboard shows the number of actions overdue, incomplete and complete. 

See a high-level project snapshot directly in project navigator

Tracking many projects? Project navigator gives you one place to see a rolled up view of your projects, including status, due date and any project custom field data. You can sort by these columns to get a quick idea of which projects are doing well and which may need a little TLC.

Whatever your project, the project home page makes it easy to update project information, give it a little customization, and always stay up-to-date on progress.

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