Every project and action card come with many ways to add information about the work you want to complete. But many teams have custom data that they need to track. This could include:

  • Project budget

  • Project category or type

  • Budget for a project proposal in a sales project

  • Priority of a task in a software development sprint

  • Link to InVision design in a design project

If you have specific data you want to track, Hive allows you to create custom fields at both the action and project level. 

Creating action custom fields

You can see action custom fields inside each action card within the project that contains that custom field. These custom fields are also visible in Table view. 

Here's how to set one up:

  1. Go to the project where you want to add a custom field

  2. Select 'More'

  3. Select 'Custom fields'

   4. It will open a modal. Click the link '+Add custom field'
   5. Type the name of the field you want to add, select the field type and save

Action custom fields have five different field type options:

  • Text: Text entry field 

  • Select: Dropdown selection field, either single- or multi-select, giving users options to select

  • User: User dropdown allowing you to pick a user's name in your Hive workspace 

  • Date: Dropdown calendar

  • Project: Dropdown Projects

  6. Any action you open within that project will have the custom fields available. 

Creating project custom fields

You can create and view project custom fields on the home page of each project. These custom fields are also visible in the Project Navigator. 

Here's how to set one up:

  1. Go to the project where you want to add a custom field

  2. Select 'Home' (this can also be done from the 'More' button)

  3. Select '+ Add custom field' under 'Project information'

  4. Select between 'Text' and 'Select' field types

  5. Type in the field name and select options, if applicable

  6. Select 'Save changes'

You can update the custom field input from the project home page or from project navigator. 

On the project home page:

On project navigator:

Once the custom field has a value, it is visible on project navigator.

Editing and deleting custom fields

  1. Go to 'More' -> 'Custom fields' in the project you want to change

  2. This opens a modal with a list of your custom fields. 

  3. To edit, select the pencil icon. Type in the changes you want to make to the label and press enter. 

  4. To delete, select the trash icon and confirm the deletion.

Admin users have the ability to edit or delete existing custom fields, regardless of who created them. Non-admins are able to create custom fields, but will only be able to edit or delete the ones they have created. 

Accessing Custom Field Library 

Once a custom field has been created, it is accessible by the entire workspace. Both project and action custom fields can be turned on or off in individual projects, depending on the additional information you wish to capture within that project. 

To access this library within a project go to More > Custom Fields. You will then be able to toggle On/Off individual fields for the project.

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