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Each project's overview page gives you and your team one place to track key project information. The home page is perfect for housing top-line project information and giving you a single destination to get a quick pulse on how the project is moving. See below for the many features the home page has to offer!

Navigate to the Project Overview page within a project by clicking the Overview button on the top of the project tool bar:

Project Status

Add a new status update to share the latest on the project. Select from preset color-coded statuses to visually show the RAG status:

  1. On-track

  2. Off-track

  3. On Hold

  4. At risk 

Project status houses status update history, so you can always see previous updates. Consult history to see how the project has been moving.

Activity Feed

See a full running list of all updates on the project and action cards, in case you missed something. You can always filter which activities are shown if you're looking for a specific update. Click on the update text to be directed to the action card where this took place.


Files that are attached directly to action cards will be aggregated in the 'Files' section of project home. You will be able to see the file name, the action card that is attached to, and the user that action is assigned to. Click on the action title to jump directly to the action card or click on the file title to open the file. 

Project Information aka Project Custom Fields 

Have a specific project categorization you want to document? Add a text or dropdown custom field to your home page. Custom fields are great for documenting project type, tier, or priority level. Project custom field inputs can be edited directly on the home page or from project navigator. 

Project Description

Give clear direction to your team on the purpose of the project.


List attachments at the project level for members to easily reference and review. For example, this is a good location to store guidance documentation for the project.

Project Notes

Keep track of all notes relating to a project. Notes that have been tagged to the project can be found in notes section on the Home Page.

Hive Notes can be assigned to a project by clicking the project dropdown on the left side within each Hive Note to select the corresponding project:

Project % completion

Check in with the project completion dashboard to see how actions in the project are moving. The dashboard shows the number of actions overdue, incomplete and complete. 

Project budget

Get a snapshot of how your project is tracking to the budget from the "Billable hours budget" dashboard. It uses the project's budget and submitted timesheets to calculate the project's use of its budget.

Project overview export

It is possible to export your project overview page. Just click the download icon in the top right corner and you should get it in no time!

Please note that the export will include all the information except for the project activity.

Whatever your project, the project home page makes it easy to update project information, give it a little customization, and always stay up-to-date on progress.

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