Hive Automation helps you move faster in Hive by automating common processes and streamlining your workflow. 

With the click of a button you can: 

  • Move an action card to a different project

  • Change an action's assignee

  • Add label(s)

  • Add a new sub action

  • Apply an action template

Let's say my team is working on an app redesign and I want to be able to alert engineering to the presence of a bug. It would also be helpful to put that action on hold until engineering can properly fix the issue. We can easily do that with Hive automation.

Before getting started, you will need to enable Automation in Hive Apps. Once enabled, open the Automation tool from the tile.  

This will take you to the Automation hub. You can manage existing buttons by enabling or disabling, editing, or deleting them. To add a new automation workflow, click + New automation workflow

Name the workflow and decide which project(s) you want it to be applied to.

Once a workflow is created, it's time to add buttons. These buttons will be visible at the bottom of each action card for the projects that this workflow is associated with.

Now, you can customize exactly how you want these buttons to function. In this case, I want to add a button that will alert the engineering team of this action by adding the 'Engineering Team' label. I also want to change the status to 'On Hold'. I can add additional operations by clicking '+Add Operation'.

By default, this button will show on all action cards within the project. If instead I only want this automation to be available for a specific subset of actions, I can set some conditions for this button to be shown including what status or label the action card has. For this workflow, we will set this button to appear only when an action has a specific status; for example 'In Progress'.

Once you save the automation, you will be able to see the new button on the action cards in the project(s) this workflow is applied to. Clicking the 'Send to Engineering' button will now automatically change the status of the action to 'On Hold' as well as add an 'Engineering Team' label to my action card. 

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