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New App: Workflows
New App: Workflows

Your productivity cheat code.

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The Workflows feature empowers users to seamlessly automate and optimize their work processes. By defining Conditions and corresponding Effects, users can create personalized workflows, reducing manual effort and enhancing productivity.

Creating your Workflow

  1. Conditions:

    • Users can define Conditions based on various events or criteria, such as Assignee Change, Status Change, when a specific button is clicked, when a label is added or an action is created.

  2. Effects:

    • Once the Condition is activated, users can specify Effects to be automatically executed. Some of the Effects are:

      • Add a label

      • Remove a label

      • Change project to

      • Apply action template

      • Change assignee to

      • Update status to

      • Add new subaction

      • Duplicate action

      • Archive action

      • Remove due date

      • Give Buzz a job

      • Add as a follower

Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side to do the following:

  • Enable/Disable workflow

  • Edit the workflow

  • Change the title of the workflow

  • Delete the workflow - Deleted workflow cannot be restored at this time.

Give Buzz a Job

Wondering who's Buzz? Buzz is our AI model that can help you fulfill all of your automated workflow requests (and so much more!). Simply give your job a title and write a prompt about what you would like Buzz to do for you.

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Is Workflows free for all plans?

Workflows is a free app in Hive. Activity is limited based on subscription type. Reach out to us if you need to upgrade or add additional workflows.

Usage thresholds:
​Hive Free: 100 active workflows, 200 execution runs

Hive Starter: 1,000 active workflows, 2,000 execution runs

Hive Teams: Unlimited workflows, 20,000 execution runs

Hive Enterprise: Unlimited workflows, 500,000 execution runs

Can I make my Workflow private?

No, at this time all created Workflows are visible and accessible by all workspace members.

Who can edit workflows?

Only admins and the original creators can edit workflows.

What will happen with my Workflow Buttons?

Although you can now create Workflow Buttons in "Workflows," all your existing buttons will continue to be stored and edited in the "Workflow Buttons" app.

How is this different than Hive Automate?

Workflows is designed to make it easy to automate the small, manual, repeatable tasks within Hive. "Hive Automate," on the other hand, is designed to both handle the extremely niche and complicated tasks within Hive, as well as automate integrations outside of Hive with its connections to third party software.

If you have maximized Workflows and are hoping to automate more in Hive, please reach out and we can walk you through our Hive Automate offerings.

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