Hive Notes allow you to share your notes internally with other Hive users, or externally via email. If a note is not added to a project or shared with anyone, then the note and its actions are completely private to you. 

How to share a note with a teammate

If you share a meeting note with someone else, they can view both the note and the actions contained within the note. 

To share your note with a specific person or team, click the Share button in the upper right-hand corner. Search for the appropriate person, then click Share With to send your note. 

Include a message to your users and tick the box to include the meeting note with your share message.

Set user permissions for your note and choose from Full Access or Read-Only.

How to email your meeting notes

To email, your notes outside of Hive, click the 3 dots menu beside the note title and select "Email" from the drop-down.

This will pull up a draft containing your notes and action items. From there, just add your recipients, an optional message, and a subject line before clicking send. 

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