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How to turn on Meeting Notes
How to turn on Meeting Notes
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Hive Notes for Meetings is the next step for integrating your meetings with your work, and with Hive Notes for Meetings, users can bring Hive Notes along with them to keep track of every next step and action item.

Turn on Hive Mail

To turn on Mail go to Apps > My Apps and toggle on 'Mail'. Next, choose your service provider and log into your account.

Link to Calendar

Now that your email is connected, you'll have the option to link a meeting note to a calendar event. To link a note, either open an existing note or create a new one and choose 'Link to calendar event' in the note.

Once the calendar event is linked, you'll receive a notification two minutes before the start of the meeting with the prompt to 'Take notes' or 'Open Zoom'.

If you don't wish to receive meeting notifications, you can turn the setting off in 'My notifications'.

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