To remove a user from your workspace, go to Your profile dropdown > Your workspace > Manage users. 

Hover over the user you wish to remove and click 'Remove user'. 

Once a user is removed: 


  • Direct messages between you and that user will be deleted

  • Any group messages including that user will be kept in the chat history

Action cards

  • Action cards that have been assigned to that user will be marked 'Unassigned'

  • The user's comments will remain on cards

Project ownership

  • Projects that are private to the removed user will be deleted from the workspace

  • Projects that are shared with a select group of users will be transferred to the first project member

  • Projects that are shared with the entire workspace will be transferred to the first workspace admin

Time Tracking

  • If a user is removed from a workspace, their entered time will still remain. This includes Submitted time and estimated time in time tracking

  • Timesheet data will remain and be visible in reports. The deleted user will no longer feature in the user filter, you can find their submitted timesheets by adjusting the date range.

Hive Mail:

  • If a user has attached a mail thread to an action and they are removed from the workspace, the mail thread will remain visible so long as: 1) the user does not disconnect their email from their Hive account and 2) their email account is still active - i.e. their Gmail/Google account is not deactivated

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