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User Permission Roles in Hive
User Permission Roles in Hive

Hive has 4 distinct user roles, each with different levels of control within the Hive Workspace

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Depending on the level of access and control you need in Hive, there are four distinct User Permission Roles to choose from.

This article provides an overview of each and what you can expect as a user with that specific permission level. If you'd like to learn more about who in your workspace has what role, or to change user permissions, read more here.

This user has limited access only to specific projects they've been added to by a member, admin or system admin of the respective workspace. They cannot change project settings.


This user makes up the majority of users in Hive and has access to projects they were invited to or created themselves, as well as full app functionality. They have the ability to change project settings.


This user has access to everything Members have as well as control over Workspace Settings.

System Admin

This user has access to everything Admins have as well as access to all projects in the workspace, including the ability to self-add to projects, delete any projects and full workspace settings control.

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