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Turn on Jira for your workspace

Integrate Jira with Hive to Track Issues in Hive

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Tired of going outside Hive to check the status of a Jira ticket? Hive’s integration with Jira allows you to connect Hive projects to selected Jira projects.

Plan your projects in Hive, then send them to your development team by creating new Jira issues directly from Hive action cards. When a Jira story is modified, updates such as status and date changes will be reflected in the Hive action. You’ll always be able to see the Jira story linked to your action cards in Hive.

Have an existing Jira issue you need to link to a Hive action card? You can search for your Jira issue in your action card and easily link the two together.

To activate the Jira and Hive integration:

  1. First, you will need to install the Hive application in Jira: go to Atlassian Marketplace to set up Hive in Jira.  

2. Once Hive is installed on Jira, go to Hive apps and switch on the Jira tile:

3. After Jira is set up for your workspace, the Jira icon will appear on the action cards in the workspace allowing you to:

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