Start by enabling Timesheets in Hive Apps, as shown here!

Access your timesheet app via the clock icon in the top bar.

Filling out your timesheet 

First, select the week you would like to add time for. 

To add time to your timesheet, you must first select the project you will be entering time against. To do so, click the + Add new button and search for the appropriate project. 

Next, add in the appropriate hours for each day you worked on that project. you will see the weekly total hours for that project under Total on the right. The top number is hours you have logged over hours you were resourced for.   

In the above image, you were resourced for 40 hours, and you have logged 36.75 in the timesheet.

If your organization is using Time Categories to segment and classify your hours worked, you will add each category that you will be tracking against for the project.  Use the '+' icon next to the project name to select the category

You can also see the total hours logged for each day at the bottom of the columns  for the days. 

Tip: To save some time, you can select the option to pre-fill cells with your allocated hours or time recorded on action cards (depending on which source your workspace has selected in Timesheets settings).

Submit your timesheet

Once you have filled in your timesheet for the week, you will submit the timesheet for approval using the Submit for approval button. From there, your timesheet will be routed to the assigned approver where they can either approve or require changes.

View submitted hours

Once your approver has either approved or required changes to your timesheet, you will see all activity on your timesheets in the Approvals Log.

Once the timesheet is approved, it will be locked from editing. If your manager has rejected your initial submission, you will need to correct your entries and submit once more.

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