Timesheets for Admins

As the workspace admin, you can control the settings of Timesheets and manage the time entries of your workspace's users.

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Get started by enabling the Timesheets application from Hive Apps!

Once the app is enabled, you can access timesheets from the Hive apps page or use the pin icon to pin the application to your navigational bar ('Time') for faster access.


Timesheet settings are accessed via the gear icon in the Timesheets App.


  1. Automatically fill from: This setting will allow users to pre-populate the Timesheet with the hours from Time Tracking or allocated hours from the Resourcing app
    *User can click "Fill recorded hours" to populate the Timesheet

  2. Automatically lock timesheets: Toggling On allows you to prevent users from entering time in the past.

  3. Automatically approve submitted time: On will approve all Timesheets when submitted.

  4. Data source used for reporting: This setting will be used for populating information in the Timesheet Reporting

Leave types
Add a new leave time to permit users to enter time for PTO, Maternity Leave, or Sick Time.

Time Categories
Time categories are used to classify time entries in Hive. Some examples include Billable, Non-Billable, Content, and Design.


This will allow Admins to determine if only specific projects should be available for Timesheet.

Reporting Permissions

This setting will allow Everyone to have access to Timesheet Reporting or specific users.


Workspace admins also have access to the Submitted tab. From here, Admins can see any user's Submitted Timesheet (Both Approved and Pending Approval).

Admins can also make edits on any user's Timesheets.

*Editing someone else's Timesheet will automatically approve the Timesheet

Print your Timesheets

If you rely solely on Timesheets to process payroll, you can easily print your or any user's Timesheets.

To print a Timesheet, click the arrow icon at the top right corner of the page (or use the Command/Ctrl + P hotkeys). The current selected user and week will generate a printer-friendly PDF of the Timesheet.

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