Timesheet Reporting

Reporting allows you to analyze your timesheet data over time to better manage project budgets

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Managers, projects owners, and workspace admins can see time from approved timesheets. This allows you to get a bird's eye view of individuals' time and project spending.

Note: If a timesheet is pending approval or is rejected, the hours will not be incorporated into Timesheet Reporting.

To open the timesheet reporting

  1. Go to the Timesheets app ('Time'). Workspace admins can enable Timesheets in Hive Apps if not already enabled.

  2. Click on the clipboard icon on the upper right-hand side and select the "Reporting" option:

Configuring reports

Within Timesheet Reporting, you can adjust how the data is grouped (by week, month, year) and filter date ranges to pull in data within a specific time period. To select what data is viewable, you can select various "Display" options.

You can also export the data for further analysis.

By default, the data is rolled up by project for easier billing to clients. To roll-up time by individuals, for easier team management, click the "switch" button.

Additionally, you can filter the data using the 'Filters' option to filter by project, project tags, custom fields, users, teams, roles, labels, timesheet categories, and Timesheet status.

Reporting Data


Calculation: Sum of hours submitted for a project/person
This is the total amount of time submitted for a project or person. 

Example: A user submits 40 hours of work every week for 4 weeks of a month to Project A. Their "Hours" for the month will appear as 160.


Calculation: # of hours submitted x bill rate
This is the dollar equivalent of the time submitted. It is often used as the amount at which a client is billed for the hours spent on their project.

Example: A user's bill rate is $100/hour. They submit 10 hours of work to Project A for the week. Their "Billable" amount for the week will appear as $1000.


Calculation: # of hours submitted / capacity
This is the percent of available/billable work hours that have time submitted. A person's capacity is determined in Resourcing. By default, Resourcing sets everyone's availability to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Example: A user's work week capacity is 40 hours. They submit 30 hours for the week. Their "Utilization" will appear as 75%.

Utilization Targets

This is the utilization percentage that is set in each user's profile in Resourcing, as shown here:


To see and export the comments users left on their timesheet submissions, export the Timesheet reporting with the following settings:

  • Show time by week

  • Detailed level of export

Reporting Visibility

By default, timesheets are routed to Project Owners. This means Project Owners, in addition to Managers and Workspace Admins, can view the time data in Reporting.

Users can edit the project to route to Managers instead. This means only Managers and Workspace Admins can view the time data in reporting. (To set or adjust managers, edit the user's profile in Resourcing.)

Please note! Admins can also restrict access to Timesheets reporting to select users only - if you can't find the reporting, it means you don't have access to it.

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