Link Jira issues to action cards

Track Jira issues within Hive

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You can connect related work across Hive and Jira by linking action cards to existing Jira issues. This allows you to quickly track Jira issues within Hive. If further action is needed, you can open the Jira issue directly from Hive.

To link an action to an existing Jira issue, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Jira icon and select "Link to existing issue."

2. Type in the Jira ID or keywords from the Jira issue title for the issue you'd like to link.

Each Hive action can only have one Jira issue linked. However, each Jira issue can be linked to multiple Hive actions.

3. Once linked, you can monitor the Sprint, Status, and Priority fields on the Hive action card in the section highlighted below.

If the Jira assignee is in both Hive and Jira, they'll appear in the snapshot as well!

Details in your Hive action card will not be affected, so you can keep working in Hive while keeping track of changes in relevant Jira issues.

Want to mirror a Hive action card in Jira? Check out the article "Create a Jira issue from Hive."

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