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Q: Where can I find my invoices?

A: You can find invoices and billing information in the billing portal. Just go to your profile dropdown > Billing > Billing History and you can see and download all of your past invoices.

Q: How can I update my payment method?

A: You can update your payment method through the billing portal. Just go to your profile dropdown > Billing > Payment Methods to update.

Q: How can I access Hive after I've cancelled my account?

A: Your data is available until the end of your term. If you are not able to access your account, please reach out to and we can assist you.

Q: Where can I find a W9 form?

A: Download our W9 form here.

Licenses and Seat Count:

Q: Am I charged for any Hive users in my workspace?

A: No, any user with the domain is not included in your license count.

Q: I want to add more licenses in the middle of my term, how do I do that?

A: You can add more licenses to your account at any time by inviting new users into your workspace. If you are currently using all of your licenses, adding a new user will increase your license count and you will be charged on a pro-rated basis for that user.

Q: Why was I charged in the middle of my term?

A: See the answer above! You were most likely charged because you added a new user to your account which increases your license count. This could also be due to turning on one of the workspace add ons, in which case you will be also charged on a pro-rated basis after the add ons trial period.

Q: How can I transfer a license from one user to another?

A: Licenses are not tied to an individual user. If a user has left the company and you would like for someone else to take their seat in Hive, simply remove the existing user and invite the new one. Note: You need to remove the existing user first otherwise you may be charged for the new user you add.

Q: Does my license count decrease if I remove a user?

A: No, license counts do not decrease when users are removed.

Q: How do I reduce my license count?

A: If you have a monthly subscription, you can make changes to your license count through the billing portal. Just go to your profile dropdown > Billing > click on your subscription > Edit subscription. Note: Any changes you make will go into effect on your next billing cycle.

If you have an enterprise or yearly subscription, please contact to make adjustments.

Q: Am I charged for invited users?

A: Yes, a seat is filled as soon as you invite a new user.

Q: Can I export a list of active users in my workspace?

A: Workspace admins can download a .csv file of all active users in the workspace by going to their profile dropdown > Manage Users > click on the download arrow to the left of the user search bar.

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