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How To Access Hive FAQ
How To Access Hive FAQ

Below are common questions and directions for accessing Hive

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How do I log into Hive on a daily basis?

There are three main ways to access Hive:

  1. Web Browser

    1. Access Hive through a web browser by going to (Remember to bookmark it). Google Chrome is recommended

  2. Hive Desktop App

    1. Download the Hive desktop application onto your computer to access Hive through the app.

    2. Go here to download the Mac or Windows desktop app:

  3. Hive Mobile App

    1. Access Hive on the go by downloading the Hive mobile app for your mobile device.

    2. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple or GooglePlay stores.

Should I use the desktop app?

  • We do recommend you use the Mac or Windows desktop app. However, Hive's user experience is consistent whether you access Hive through a web browser or the desktop app.

Can I use Hive offline?

  • No, you must be connected to Wi-Fi in order to use Hive.

Which browser should I use?

  • We strongly recommend you use Chrome to access Hive for optimal performance. Firefox is another preferred browser option.

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