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How to prepare for a leaver in your company
How to prepare for a leaver in your company

Be proactive and take these steps to ensure the transition is seamless

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Of course from time to time, Hive users move on from an organization, so to support the off-boarding process, we put together our top tips to approach this change proactively, so you don't miss any work!

Use this when transitioning your own work, or for a colleague who is leaving your organization.

You may want to review this article as a primer on what happens when a user is removed from a workspace as well.

Identify all assigned actions

Capture an overview of all actions assigned to a specific user by creating a Summary View by selecting the user you wish to review. Leave all labels and projects set to all. You can then reassign the actions directly from the summary view

Note: The summary view creator will need to be a member of all projects where the user is assigned actions.

Your user will be able to view all assigned actions across their projects via their My Actions view. They can work to reassign all actions directly from this page easily.

Review project ownership

Review any projects where the user is a project owner. Create a Portfolio View, select all projects and the project owner column. You can sort and filter the project owner column to review your specific user.

Note: The portfolio view creator will need to be a member of all projects where the user is assigned actions.

Confirm manager role is updated

Where your departing user is a manager in Hive, a Hive admin can export your user list from the manager user UI and filter the manager column to quick identify any Hive users whose manager should be updated in Resourcing.

Leverage ‘My Actions’ to confirm all work is reassigned

As part of your exit process you may ask a user to export their My Actions view to PNG for you to hold on record. To do this ask the user to set the action grouping to None and then export to PNG. Where all actions have been reassigned from your user you should expect the PNG to be blank, the export will be titled myActionList.png

Create a Hive Form to process your exit checklist

A Hive Form is a great tool to create a checklist for to ensure that all your exit tasks are complete. Create an exit process project and direct the form submission to create an action card where all the details and any attachments can be stored.

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