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Portfolio View is the all-in-one place to see the detail of Project Navigator combined with the flexibility of a Table View. Read on for how to customize this for you.

First, Portfolio View is a Hive App - read about how to toggle them on & pin them here.

To access it, click on the Portfolio View text in the left-hand panel. Once you click on that, you will end up in a space like this:

Components of Portfolio View: Projects, Details & Actions

You can build a Portfolio view your way, including these 3 building blocks:

  • The "Add projects" dropdown will allow you to select which projects you'd like to see. You can click 'Select all' to have all of your projects added if that's what you need.

  • The dropdown for "Project details and fields" allows you to pull in project fields and custom fields.

  • The dropdown that says "Add actions and subactions" allows you to pull in the status of the actions and subactions that are living across projects listed on the left. The due date for those actions appears, and a checkmark if they are completed. Within the "Actions and subactions" dropdown, you can decide if you want to see specific milestones, too!

In the below example, we have three project fields pulling in: Description, Project due date, and Project Owner. All of these can be edited within the "Overview" button of a project. Just click on the project in the table and click "Overview" toward the top right.

Actions pulled into the portfolio view will show a due date if they're incomplete, a green check if they're complete, or "N/A" if the action card doesn't exist yet in one of the selected projects.

Milestone actions pulled into Portfolio View will show the date they are due along with the flag icon to indicate that it has been set as a milestone in the project. If an action is set as a milestone is one project, but the same action lives in another and it's not set as a milestone, the difference will be the flag icon beside the date to show where it's a milestone.

Create, Save & Share:

If you manage more than one portfolio, and would like quicker access to it, now you can save the view.

To do so, click the Title of the Portfolio View and create a new one. Now both are available in your drop down!

To share a view with others, head to the share icon on the right:

And add your teammates:

Portfolio View is best leveraged when looking at multiple projects that have the same action cards and/or custom fields because you can then compare those projects accurately and efficiently.

How to remove a project from Portfolio View

To remove a project from a portfolio view, you can select the project and toggle off the button next to the project title.

There's more to discover with Portfolio View, so check out this related post: https://hive.com/blog/portfolio-view/

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