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Workspace Activity

Monitor your team activities across the entire workspace

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Did you ever have the need to check how your workspace was doing but you didn't know where to start with all those projects, actions, and users buzzing around? If the answer is yes, then we have great news! One of our latest apps called Workspace Activity may come in handy for you.

Enable Your Workspace Activity App

First, make sure you have this app turned on. Please keep in mind that this is one of our Workspace Apps so if you can't turn it on, you should contact your workspace admin for help.

Start Using the App

Once you're all set with that, hit 'Open' and you'll see your workspace activities in chronological order.

If you want to get more details about something, just click on it and a window will open up.

At the moment, you can see the following list of activities included:

  • New actions

  • Date updates

  • Action assignments

  • Comments

  • Status updates

  • Completed actions

  • New subactions

  • Completed subactions

  • New project members

  • Attachment added

  • Approval requests

  • Approval statuses

Filter Your Activity Feed

If you want, you can filter the activities by going to Filters in the top right corner and deselecting the items you don't need. Additionally, you can filter by People and Projects. Please note that you'll see activities related only to the projects to which you have access.

Have some Fun!

Another cool feature we don't want you to miss is the ability to leave your reaction on activity logs. Everyone will be able to see it and react as well. Enjoy! 😜

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