To get the most out of Hive, bring your entire team into your workspace. 

From the '+New' button in the top right, select 'Invite':

  1. For regular users, use the 'New teammate' option (which is the default) as shown above. For External Users, use the External user option just to the right.

  2. Enter the email of the people you want to add

  3. Click 'Next' and select which projects these users should have access to, and which teams they should be members of.

  4. You have the option of including a note in the invite email, or, uncheck the box to notify the user to NOT send them a notification about their invite

  5. Click 'Send Invite'.

See the flow illustrated here!

Tip: If you are looking to invite someone as an External User, make sure to use the External User tab as highlighted below. Otherwise, they will be added as a full workspace member and a charge to your subscription.


Q: If I added someone as an external user and want to make them a regular workspace member, what do I do?

A: Go to Manage Users and then locate the person on the list. Click "Convert to regular'. This person will be added to your subscription.

Q: If I added someone as a regular user by mistake but want to make them an external user instead, can I do this?

A: You can. You must remove the user completely from your workspace (Manage Users > hover over their name and then click 'remove'), and re-invite them using the Invite flow shown above but using the External User tab this time!

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